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leather baseball glove Baseball gloves provide hand protection for a baseball player.  The first glove was worn in about 1875.  Before that, players were expected to bear the pain of catching baseballs.  Even though the first gloves were rather thin, they helped protect the player's hand.

Baseball gloves are made with various types of leather.  There are four basic types of leather baseball gloves, optimally designed for catchers, outfielders, first basemen, and other infielders.  A catcher's glove is heavily padded, and looks more like a mitten than a glove; a first baseman's glove has a long pocket and is also heavily padded to assist first basemen in catching hard-thrown balls.  An outfielder's glove is relatively large, to give outfielders the greatest possible reach for catching fly balls and long grounders, whereas an infielder's glove is relatively small, to assist infielders in reacting quickly when retrieving and throwing balls.  Infielders use a variety of web styles, from the single patch webbing preferred by second basemen to the I-webs and H-webs preferred at shortstop to the I and H models and trapeze models preferred by third basemen.  Pitchers often use a glove with basket webbing while outfielders tend to prefer trapeze webbing.

baseball glove laces and stitching Baseball gloves should be comfortable or players won't play their best.  A baseball glove should feel right.  Oils or lotions can be used to break it in, but don't overdo it; too much oil will make the glove deteriorate more rapidly.  Gloves that are treated with oil at the factory will break in more quickly, but will not last as long as untreated leather baseball gloves.  A baseball glove should be stored in a cool, dry place. features convenient access to popular baseball glove and equipment suppliers as well as official Major League and Little League websites.

Baseball Glove Manufacturers

  • Easton Baseball
    Baseball bats for adult baseball, youth baseball, and softball.
  • Rawlings Baseball Gloves
    Find professional quality and performance series baseball gloves plus a glove selector and an animated glove guide.
  • Wilson Baseball
    Baseball gloves, bats, balls, bags, protective gear, and accessories.
  • Glovesmith
    Missouri-based baseball glove maker features custom ball gloves for serious ball players.
  • Mizuno
    Japanese sporting goods manufacturer offers a selection of baseball gloves and equipment.

Major League Baseball Products

    Official Major League Baseball Shop features a broad selection of team merchandise.  Here you will find team jerseys, baseball caps, team memorabilia, baseball cards, and baseball gifts.

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Baseball Information

  • Major League Baseball
    The official site of Major League Baseball.
  • Little League Baseball
    The official site of Little League Baseball.
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
    This baseball organization is dedicated to preserving the history of baseball, honoring excellence and achievements in baseball, and connecting generations of baseball players and fans.
  • Baseball Sport Information
    Overview of baseball plus a directory of baseball organizations and resources.

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